´Tie Everlasting´ in the Video´Dream´

Hey friends, My song ´Tie Everlasting´ from the Framing Music project is featured in the new video ´Dream´ by Kevin Brumme.  You can watch the video on vimeo – 


Dream from MedienKevin on Vimeo.

Kevin is using my song under the Creative Commons Licensing.  He credits my work, as well as Tyler Knott´s eloquent text, in the video´s description.  He also emailed me to let me know that my song was accompaning his work.  

I am excited to see this song accompany his video.  I thank him for beautifully bringing the song into the visual world.  

Tie Everlasting – SoundCloud link

Dream – vimeo link to watch video



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Update to FM

Hey all, I am still sharing a song a day, trying to be as consistent as I can.  Things have been crazy preparing for Costa Rica, passing on my practice to the teacher who will teach my kids while I’m gone, and battle the weird bug going around.  Through it all, I still have music and I still am sharing the newest, most pertinant snippets of music for the day.  I have bee posting everything via my laptop and iphone straight to soundcloud.  Fret not, I will post the blog entries for each day very soon.

I will be writting all of my entries in an old journal by hand.  I will make duplicates and include the CDs.  For those that would like a copy. Thanks everyone for your continued support.  It motivates me more than I can express.  


‘Lead to Believe (Raw Mix)’ entry 38

Here is the raw mix of ‘Lead to Believe’ a song I made in Ableton Live (awesome program). Most of my songs are made in Pro Tools, so I’m experimenting with new tools with this one.  

‘When Sun Meets the Willow’ – entry 37

‘When Sun Meets the Willow’ is the song I heard when writing this poem:


Morning ushers my daily birth

The sun meets the willow

Breathing moments

Flexing time

An empty seat atop Tabor

The sun descends the crest. 

Where we meet our daily death. 


‘Transition’ – entry 36

‘Transition’ is a new part to the Entropy project.

‘Your Smirk Isn’t Helping’ – entry 34

‘Your Smirk Isn’t Helping’ is a tune from the Muddled project. I recorded this at Roseway Heights after lessons using my iPhone. 

‘Two Gypsies Dance’ – entry 33

‘Two Gypsies Dance’ is a simple gypsy duet with the piano and harmonium.